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SuperFreak Maui Edition

Price: From $480.00 to $580.00

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The SuperFreak Maui Edition is Jeffrey Henderson's new personal design wave sail. He took everything he loves about the SuperFreak, (and that is nearly everything) and combined it with all the most contemporary pure wave sail features. 
The result is a sail with a much more loose leech, extreme maneuverability, and is very lightweight yet tough. It is designed for wave riding and also for freestyle as there is more room for your body to move in extreme moves. Landing jumps like a back loop is easier with the looser leech, and any underwater recovery is a snap. Power is strong; with better pull out of low wind situations due to the increased shape below the boom.

Sail Features: 
  • Super tough construction throughout
  • OX-Webbing luff
  • Kevlar(R) Rip Stop

Sail Specifications: 

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