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When tasked with improving our highly successful Smack our goal was to make the new sail lighter and give it a more direct feel in the hands. 
To enhance the feel we utilized a subtle change in the shaping, new materials and a smaller PVC reinforced window. To reduce weight we replaced the Dacron leech from the earlier models with our C1295 Super Light Laminate and reduced the number of seams in the upper portion of the sail. The graduated construction starts with super strong Dacron in the Crumple Zone with transitions from from 7 mil, to 5 mil, 4 mil and finally the 1.5 mil C1295 scrim laminate. The weight of the New SMACK was further decreased due to the smaller window and the use of ODL09 Technora in the completely redesigned Radial Fan Patches (RFP). The thickness of the RFP reduces as the fan spreads hence there are no hard edges. To further improve handling we incorporated our Symmetrical Batten System (SBS) which ensures the sail presents the correct shape on both tacks without bias. The result is a bomb proof, direct and lighter sail which is build to handle the toughest of situations.

Sail Features:

  • 5 battens
  • 4 different grades of x-ply utilized in the body of the sail for optimal strength to weight ratio
  • Reduced area 0.55mm PVC window
  • ODL09 Technora and C1295 Super Light Scrim Laminate
  • Reinforced Crumple Zone
  • Radial Fan Patches (RFP)
  • Symmetrical Batten System (SBS)
  • OX Webbing Sleeve

Sail Specifications:

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