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The QU4D is our new super compact 4 batten wave sail designed for radical and aggressive riders for use in a variety of wave conditions. Whether you enjoy the light and compact feel as you crank your bottom turn or rotate quicker in the air thanks to the shorter luff we are confident that you will ride harder, faster and more radical than ever before. The QU4D incorporates our super light C1295 laminate and ODL09 Technora which is combined with our new SlamLam® reinforced window making this a super strong wave sail which will take a pounding while remaining very light. Designed to rig on short masts the overall rig weight is reduced further. You will only need a 370 to rig 5.2 through 4.3 and a 340 for the smallest sizes.

Sail Features: 

  • 4 battens
  • Super Compact Shaping (SCS)
  • Super light C1295 laminate and ODL09 Technora
  • SlamLam® reinforced window
  • Hybrid Sleeve combining the reduced weight mast sleeve and Ox Webbing
  • Lightweight Crumple Zone

Sail Specifications: 

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Rider Feedback

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Life changing QU4D experience
Michael Samols (San Francisco / New Zealand) 7/4/2013 5:00 PM
Bought a quiver of QU4Ds for DTL, side/side-off conditions in New Zealand where I spend half the year. But this time of year I’m in California and wanted to try the new sails even if only in bump n jump/swell riding conditions under the Golden Gate Bridge. I sailed the QU4D 4.7 today and, in short, I can never go back to the NP Combat, my sail choice for years. The succinct description why the QU4D felt so fantastic: handling. Lightweight, nimble, pinky-effort magic. I know the Hot Sails tag line is "Built to Handle," but full disclosure, I've ridden the superfreaks several times and they never felt good to me. Just carrying the QU4D compared to the Combat raised my eyebrows – so much lighter. But the carrying weight is one thing, the sailing experience another. I launched and it was the usual light wind inside, howling on the outside. As the weird little puffs came through, it felt so easy to quickly flick the sail in adjustment. It just felt lighter and easier to move around as needed. Could it be that the QU4D actually slogged better? Yes. Once at the Golden Gate Bridge, the wind was blowing full on with a nice set of ebb swells. Every turn I made became effortless. Doing moves where I would expect to get yorked, I felt nothing but a gentle response. Yet I still had plenty of low-end power to plane instantly. I started pushing the sail harder and found that I could move it around in the air even as I was doing a maneuver or changing direction on a swell. And it just kept getting easier and lighter. Even something as simple as a tight radius jibe became tighter and so smooth on the exit without a fierce tug as the sail powered up. And as I began to appreciate how loose the sail was, I could feel the board become looser too because I could ride it even more in the surfy style that I like (Goya One, 86 liters).Candidly, I didn't expect to like the QU4D for bump n jump conditions but just in the waves. Boy was I wrong.
Philip N (Los Angeles, CA) 6/29/2013 7:35 PM
I recently had my first sail on my new QU4D 5.6. The conditions were light slog and ride conditions, maybe 15 mph. Right away I could tell this was an amazing wave sail. The sail felt incredibly light both in physical weight and in my hands when sailing. The sail had a lovely stable light and constant pull and never jerked me around. I had the sail rigged with the minimum dimensions printed on the sail and with those minimum settings it provided enough power to pump onto a wave. On a wave I felt like I was surfing rather than wavesailing as the sail felt like it disappeared and I could focus on riding the wave. Bar none the best feel on the water of any wave sail I've sailed.
The 5.2 is a brilliant light wind wave sail.
Technischer (Uttenreth, Bavaria) 2/6/2013 3:03 PM
The QU4D 5.2 is my first four battan sail. I especially bought it for wave riding in light wind conditions. In this conditions it works perfect. It has enough power to bring you easily accross the shore break but it is still compact enough to allow very fluent waveriding once I am on the wave. I will get the smaller sizes as well.
Magic Sail
Gswal69 (LYON, ) 2/6/2013 2:20 PM
I was thrilled to be one of the first customers to get my QU4Ds in 4.3 and 4.7 recently, I have been really impressed with the performance of the sail and quality of the product. This was my first Hot Sails Maui online purchase and from start to finish my order was handled extremely efficiently. On the water the short luff and compact outline has really helped to improve my wave riding while making jumps easier especially my forwards which have been much cleaner as my rotation has increased. I am looking forward to getting a 5.2 and 3.9 soon!
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