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Firelight 2013 ONLY $350.00!!!!!

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The revolutionary Firelight will transform the way you think about windsurfing. The first thing you notice about the Firelight is its weight; at only 2.9kg for a 5.3m this is the lightest production 5 batten wave sail on the market today. Once on the water this is transferred into a light and direct feel in the hands, which redefines possibilities in your wave sailing. Whether you sail in onshore bump and jump or mast high Ho'okipa you will complete more moves, build confidence and develop skills faster. The range was designed to rig on shorter masts compared to other sails in our lineup with the 6.0m perfectly suited to a 400cm and the 4.7m on a 370cm mast; this further reduces overall rig weight. The key materials used are the ODL09 Technora and the super light C1295 laminate supplied by USA based market leader Dimension-Polyant. These exotic materials enable us to deliver a super light and responsive sail, which is built to survive the toughest of conditions.

Sail Features: 

  • 5 battens
  • Compact shaping with reduced mast length
  • ODL09 Technora and C1295 super light laminates
  • Reduced mast sleeve weight
  • Lightweight Crumple Zone
  • Option of Reef Edition (Ox Webbing above boom / reduced sleeve below)

Sail Specifications: 

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Rider Feedback

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Best sail ever
davide verotta (San Francisco, CA) 9/11/2014 7:45 PM
After two seasons I am still amazed at how good are the Firelights. Besides being ridiculously light and spectacularly easy to handle it is their range that is a real winner. I have a 4.3-5.0 and 6.0 quiver that covers 95% of all my B&J needs in the San Francisco Bay Area: a notoriously windy and up-and-down sailing spot. They have a reputation for low end power, but set them up properly and they can hold a huge amount of wind. Durability seems fine, after two years the 5.0 (that sees a lot of use) has some scratches but I see no reason why it would not last another 2 or 3 seasons. 4.3 and 6.0 are pretty much like new.
In a word, the Firelight is simply sublime
Abigail Fisher (San Francisco, CA) 7/10/2013 8:25 AM
Yesterday, I took the 4.0 Firelight out in typical Crissy summer conditions: light wind/slogging on the inside to gusty/nukin' on the outside. I was simply blown away (no pun intended!). In a word that sail is 'sublime'. I just couldn't get over the featherweight feel and the superb sail handling. It planed up so quickly, motored through the holes beautifully, and was super fun to try out some little freestyle moves. And it's super quiet - no popping of battens. What I just couldn't get over was how much fun I was having! Adjectives kept popping up in my mind, words like: buttery, soft, effortless. Once it planed up I simply hiked back in my harness and exhaled a sigh of relief. It provided such a relaxed, easy feeling even in the insane chop I had to contend with - like a best friend gently guiding me through the chaos.
FireLight should be called the PowerLight
Pedro Yribarren (San Francisco, CA) 2/17/2013 12:53 PM
I joke that the FireLight should be called the PowerLight; the sail is very powerful and extremely lightweight. I wouldn't recommend it for over-powered conditions. In light wind days the Firelight will help you get planning earlier that other sailors around you and stay in the water longer time when the wind drops. I have used the FL to practice freestyle and it is a sail very easy to duck and maneuver. Due to the lightweight nature of the sail its construction is not as ruged as other HSM sails. That said, it is very well built, my FL 4.7 is my bread and butter and after 50+ sessions it still looks in amazing condition.
Anton Blazina (Tarneit, Victoria) 2/12/2013 2:20 PM
Firelights – Firelights HotSailsMaui, These are the sails everyone should have at least one set off. Having used them since in 2012 there isn’t any box which cannot be ticked. They are light which is a huge advantage, Firelights will give you a feel of total control in any wind range you face, light variable, get up and go, strong and gusty, in control and ripping it up. Wave riding, free style, transition all much easier giving freedom on the board for quick responsive maneuvers either on waves or flat water; Great colour match ups, especially for nuts like me who wanted to be color co-ordinate. Total control is everything and it is the first thing anyone will notice when using these Firelights in your hands, awesome feel with fantastic feed back in the boom when sailing, back home the local guy’s pick up the sail and cannot believe how light they are. A few have already made the change. On the water is where it counts and you will be surprised and so will others as you just sail past them effortlessly because of their power range and quick up and go. Being a traveling windsurfer these sails also have an advantage which cannot be beaten on weight making it easier to travel with your gear to your favorite places (MAUI). I have total confidence in my Firelights and it has given me more confidence to go for it on waves – free riding – and transition. Overall a great product which is perfect for the windsurfer wanting to step up to the next level with confidence knowing that the sail will perform all the time! Well done HOT-SAIL MAUI and your TEAM, GREAT PRODUCT simply can’t get enough of it!!! Aussie Anton – From Down Under.
Review from 62kg Female after first session on Firelight
Katie (Ireland) 2/12/2013 1:30 PM
The Firelight is the incredible! It's the first time I have felt like it wasn't me vs the sail but finally it felt like the fighting was over and the rig and I could be friends! It is by far the lightest, smoothest, most maneuverable sail I have ever used. Even the slightest move I made I felt the sail completely responsive in my hands. From simply gybing to waveriding, the Firelight co-operated effortlessly and for the first time ever I felt in my hands a rig that was willing to do what I needed it to do without having to spend 8 hours a day in a gym and drink protein shakes to have the strength required. This is my review as a girl weighing 62kg and 5'6" tall, but I have no doubt even anyone twice my weight or height would have the same experience I did. All hail the Firelight!
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